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Phone Difficulties

We are experiencing difficulties with our phones. If you cannot reach us please head to the CONTACT tab. Fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Thank you for your patience! 

Where Luxury Meets Artistry

Call today to schedule an appointment 303-740-9140 
Our key focus is on personal enhancement through hair. While always focusing on individual style, our highly skilled technicians offer best in class services for every hair type. This is where customers find their best sense of self. Our highly trained stylists use the latest techniques and their creative eye to ensure a tailored and unique look for each client.


Our partnership with Aveda ensures that clients will receive top quality products and treatments. We believe in Aveda's ethical and sustainable business model, and we wouldn't trust anyone else with our guests. We carry all their top products so that you can treat yourself to a salon experience at home.

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